FactorioCalc 0.2.0

FactorioCalc is a Python module to help you symbolically plan your factory for Factorio.

With FactorioCalc you can:

  • Symbolically express your exact machine configuration and ask it what the resulting inputs and outputs is.

  • Import a blueprint and determine what it produces.

  • Specify the recipes you want to use and let FactorioCalc determine the exact number of machines needed.

  • Specify what you want, and let FactorioCalc determine both the recipes and the number of machines required.

  • Combine factories, which were created using any of the above methods, to create a larger factory.

FactorioCalc has supports for using custom recipe data and mods. The companion mod, Recipe Exporter, provides the recipe data.

FactorioCalc contains a custom simplex solver so it can easily handle complex cases that involve recipes with more than one output, such as oil and uranium processing.

I, the author, find designing my factory symbolically more natural than using a spreadsheet and tools like FactorioLab.


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